Mid Life Coaching

Today is the day, yesterday is gone. 

Mid-Life/career workshops helps you understand your self better while in transition, while connecting with your past experiences, affiliations and leveraging on them to help ease you into a new phase of your career.
The program only works if you are committed to creating new possibilities for your life.

My Career & Future Growth

The biggest challenge in progressing to the next level of growth in your career is the fear of rejection and failure.

Who is this program for :

  • Individuals who are 25 years +
  • Are at a cross road in their life, career or relationship(s)

What will you get from the workshop :

  • Build confidence
  • Life transformation [ re-worked beliefs, value systems and attitude]
  • Create new possibilities through ‘Out of box’ thinking

My Relationships 

[Self | Spouse | Parents | Children| Siblings | Friends | Colleagues | God]

The basis of success for any relationship is the ability to identify problems [solvable & unsolvable]. We help identify the goal of each individual relationship and through simple but powerful exercises & affirmations help improve the relationship and in the process manage them better.

  • You pre determine the end result
  • You will need to reflect, communicate and take responsibility

Who is this program for :

Any one who wants their relationship with a significant other(s) to improve

* There will be a lot of homework

What will you get from the workshop :

  • You will get out of it, what you put into it
  • Tools to manage your relationships better
  • Learn your love language

My Health

Think of Newton’s First Law of Motion: “Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.”
The same concept applies to human behaviour, particularly when it comes to changing habits.

Who is this program for :

If you want to:

  • Improve life choices
  • Overcome addictions
  • Building healthy habits

What will you get from the workshop :

Getting started – making that first shift is often the hardest part. Once a new habit has been created, momentum takes over and keeps it going. Our workshops facilitate this exact thought.

ParivartanA Holistic Transformation

All changes that will transform us into a better version of ourselves will begin inside out. It is only when the participant permits to accept the changes, does the transformation truly begin. These trainings are more intense than other interventions and have the highest and most lasting impact.

The 7 Spheres

People mistake success only to the financial terms or in terms of position / power. But true success is in championing 7 aspects of life. Most of them don’t require money, but they require inner reengineering.

Who is this program for

if you want to add meaning to your life , you need this workshop. Doesn’t matter if you are a student, a housewife , a professional or a retired individual.

What will you get from the workshop

A clear direction to lead a holistically successful life and build a To-Do list for making and maintaining those change.

The Battle Ground (creating value in leadership) -outdoor adventure program

Our brain creates beliefs and rules based on experiences that we gather as we grow. Some experiences are responsible for our life altering beliefs and these come form incidents that are short but impactful.

When we become a leader, we develop some habits over time that make us who we are. This is both good and bad.

So what’s the solution: through this program, we create a simulated environment (Battle Simulation) to help them see what is possible and also be able to reevaluate effectiveness of what they have gathered over the years as to what is it to be a leader. This immensely helps them to see people and resources around them through a fresh perspective.

The above needs to be calibrated with the over all company’s vision of what is leadership for the organisation.

Who is this program for :

  • Individuals who are new to leadership
  • Teams with a mix of leadership from across industries
  • Re creating team synergy
  • Identifying future leadership

What will you get from the workshop :

Most times we haven’t defined what leadership means for the organisation. Through our interactions, we help companies define core values for their leadership. With the help of this program leaders are able to align themselves to the organisation.

Leadership & Business Coaching

Developing skills vital for effective leadership, having a good IQ level can be beneficial for individual contributors, but when it comes to leadership roles, IQ is not sufficient. Interventions like these are aimed at reengineering IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), PQ (Political Quotient) & RQ (Relationship Quotient) to become significantly more effective and fulfilled at work.

Who is this program for

Individuals who have spent at-least 3 years in any sort of a leadership role ( having lead a team during this period would be a big plus )

What will you get from the workshop

  • Identify purpose & create a compelling vision
  • Setting up meaningful goals
  • Creating effective and understandable mission & vision statements
  • Effective communication skills
  • Rapport building skills

The World Tribe (strategy building game for lage groups)

Your team is a country and you will have to put your best foot forward by applying strategic planning and putting into effect all key business skills to maximise profitability, without losing sight of other’;s needs to sustain your country’s economy.

Who is this program for

Individuals / teams who want to understand or be made aware of what goes around in forming a corporation and running an economy

What will you get from the workshop

  • Working in a team
  • Learn Leadership
  • Testing risk appetite – change management – Profitability Vs Ethics

Outbound Training

Team Building | Behavioural Skills | Employee Engagement

Activity based learning has a stronger impact. I have designed and conducted numerous Outbound Training, Team Building, Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, Outdoor, Adventure and hands-on Experiential Learning Programs.

Our Programs are skilfully created to enhance the learning experiences. The Learning Experience Design is based on Experiential and Outdoor Education, Instructional Design and Neuroscience of Learning.

Who is this program for

If you are looking for

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building & Performance Coaching
  • Behavioural Skills
  • Employee Engagement Programs

What will you get from the workshop

  • Energised employees
  • Learning and fun combined on a single intervention
  • Strategic Thinking

Other Services Available

Psychometric Evaluation and Analysis | Clinical Hypnotherapy | Whole Life Profile Evaluation